The Cabin on the Canal located on Hood Canal is a wonderful base to launch seafaring trips.

We do have a tide that comes in and goes out twice daily, which means that you’d have to moor large vessels off shore and use a skiff to the beach. At this time we don’t have an anchor buoy to tie up to, so make sure to arrange sufficient anchorage if you plan to bring your boat.

Located just a short distance away is Pleasant Harbor, you will find a launch and facilities to accomodate any size of marine vessel.

Hood Canal supports a multitude of sea life: Salmon, Harbor Seals, Octopus and most recently Killer Whale pods (Orcas).

Day trips by sail or motor boat from the cabin are abundant, visit canal side towns such as Hoodsport (to the south), Seabeck (to the east), Dabob Bay (to the north) or Quilcene (to the north).

Fishing, crabbing and shrimping in season make a wonderful meal back at the cabin. All food preparation utensils and large stove/oven are there in the kitchen ready to use!

However you choose, Yacht, Sail, Motorboat or Skiff, you’ll find plenty of things to discover and see on the waters of Hood Canal!